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Friday, 26 October 2007

Solving Puzzles is my most popular fly program.  It blends entomology, trout behaviors and how those two things relate to fly selection. 

"Solving Puzzles" by Phil Fischer, Phil's Custom Trout

Have you ever experienced trout rising consistently,
only to throw your whole fly box at them and wind up
frustrated? Solving Puzzles is an overview, from a
fly tier's perspective, about fly patterns and the
why's behind fly selection. In this presentation,
Phil will share with you why certain patterns work
well, and why others don't. He'll cover hatch
periods, and what to look for on the water to
determine what trout are feeding on, and what patterns
effectively match each portion of the hatch. He'll
review the Mayfly and Caddis fly life cycle through
patterns, and share why you might fish with each
pattern, and what makes it successful. Solving
Puzzles is a result of many years of experience that
pulls together the fundamentals of entomology, fly
tying and fly fishing.

Link to Solving Puzzles Presentation Introduction/Sample:

Coming soon.

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